15 Essential Dirt Bike Accessories You Should Have 

Every rider should have important tools or gadgets to make their ride cool and protective. From this article, you will see a list of essential dirt bike accessories you should have. Click the link. 

As a rider, you must pack extra parts along with toolkits such as pivot levers, pressure gauge, hand guards, skid plates, lock, air pumps, chain wax, hydration pack, hour meter, exhaust plug and many more. To enjoy your ride without any injury or to avoid restrictions due to low gas or damages, every dirt bike rider should bring these things. 

But how do you know what will be necessary and what should be avoided? If you start thinking, everything seems to be important, and if you ask a different person, you will find a treasure of things. Just to ignore confusion and to save your time, we are here to help you with a list of 15 essential dirt bike accessories you should have, note down the list and start packing. But, pack only those things which you won’t get in the way. 

Dirt Bike Accessories You Should Have 

1. Hand Guards 

Who else doesn’t know the importance of hand guards? A hand guard will protect your fingers and hand from being injured. We all know the most exposed part of our body while riding the bike is our hands and fingers. If you avoid wearing guards, you may smash your fingers. There would be a higher chance of accidents in mountains or terrain. These guards will keep your fingers safe from trees and mountains. 

Or if you are a regular racer and used to riding your bike at the highest speed, don’t forget to bring your safety guards, fingers are more sensitive than any other part (only bone related). For a long ride keep a decent pair of guards and also bring an extra one in case the oldest one will tear or misplace. 

2. Skid Plates 

A skid plate is a kind of metal cover generally used to cover bike parts to deter damage. Some bike manufacturing corporations provide powerful skid plates underneath, whereas others do not. Invest in good skid plates if you are a racer or going to ride a dirt bike on rough terrain, which includes logs, rocks, stones, trees, or any obstacles. These barriers can tear the bike’s parts and even you may need to buy a new part. Instead of investing in costly repairs, go for quality skid plates. 

Don’t take skid plates lightly, there could be some extreme obstacles that can damage the engine badly, and a damaged engine will charge you high. Purchase a skid plate that can cover maximum parts and provide effective protection. Pick any as per your budget, but don’t look for the cheapest one. A quality metal will also help prevent hazardous brush fires. 

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3. Hydration Pack 

The best option for a water bottle is a hydration pack while riding a dirt bike. Those traditional water bottles are okay but don’t work well when you are riding for a long time. Carrying a traditional bottle could be tough and painful if you are carrying a bottle of 2 liters. But carrying a hydration pack will be easier. A hydration pack is like a backpack, and there will be no load on your hands. The most positive thing is you won’t need to turn off your bike and drink water, it has pipelines through which drinking water will be easier. 

However, there are other types of hydration packs too which can be used with one hand or hand free. If you ignore having a hydration pack, you won’t enjoy riding on hills and mountains. Long hours riding will make your body dehydrated and as a result, it will keep you away from the thrill. 

4. Backpack 

When you are out with your dirt bike, you will need a backpack for your important stuff such as food, tools, first aid kits, etc. And to pack these things, you will require a strong backpack. Choose a backpack which also supports a hydration facility. This should be lightweight which is comfortable to wear and easy to carry. 

If you are planning for long-distance riding, buy a quality backpack to bring things and also check the maximum capacity. Don’t go for the cheapest material, it could tear with heavy loads. Know your requirements and then do some research on which one will be more suitable and don’t be a hurdle for your riding. 

5. Pivot Levers 

Even a race winner can damage their dirt bike standard levers, it could happen with anyone and would be hard to fix while you are riding far away from the location. Usually, people use dirt bikes to ride in forests or mountain areas. A pivot lever will be the best option, replace it with the damaged one. Always bring one or two pivot levers to enjoy your ride. 

Generally, with a small accident or crash, standard levers will bend down and won’t work properly. Whereas a pivot lever will turn on the opposite side instead of bending that will automatically back to its place when you fix your bike. It contains springs that help it to take back its original position. 

6. Pump 

If you are a regular rider, you should own an air pump. Keeping the tire pressure at the correct level is always important, pressure will decide your riding. If pressure is too high, you will feel bumps and if it is too low, you will feel wobble. An incorrect pressure level won’t support a good grip, probably leading to accidents. On the other hand, different paths will require different pressure levels. Low pressure is good for loose sand whereas high pressure is better for rocky paths or on hills. 

Buy a portable air pump to adjust tire pressure as per your requirement. Although it’s not that heavy but useful, a perfect pressure level will give you a riding kick in an open area far from your home. 

7. Lock 

If you have a regular street bike, it has a heavy-duty cable lock to secure your bike. A lock for a dirt bike should be on priority, you won’t get a locked garage or parking slot everywhere. Dirt bikes are costly as compared to other bikes and you don’t want anyone to steal them. So buy a strong cable lock or disc lock to prevent theft. 

If you are outside the home, also set a sensor so that you will alert someone is stealing your bike. Bring a quality lock not the expensive one but that lock which is made up of such materials that couldn’t be cut easily. 

8. Handlebar Plugs 

Have you ever noticed that the handlebar ends are open? and with regular use, dust or dirt & water will go inside the handlebar through those open holes. Over time, this mixture of dirt and water causes corrosion, and in the end, distorts your dirt bike badly. You can restrict the corrosion with some useful hacks, as it does not seem hard. 

If you ignore it, corrosion will make the handlebars weak and ultimately break down while riding. A broken handlebar could be a reason for infections due to cuts on the hands and also expensive to replace it with the new one. To keep your hands safe and also want to reduce the extra expenses, use handlebar plugs. These plugs are available everywhere and also support accessories, even giving a stylish look to your bike. 

9. Auxiliary Fuel Tank 

Low fuel can destroy your fun when you are out and there is no fuel tank near to you. Can you imagine how much pain it will be to come back walking along with your heavy dirt bike? Instead of making your day memorable, it will hit you hard. Keeping an auxiliary fuel tank prevents further problems. However you can drag your bike on a smooth road, but what about the rocky terrains, it would be the worst nightmare ever. 

Having extra fuel will be a good option, but it doesn’t mean carrying a jug or fuel or a fuel-filled bottle, it’s completely dangerous. Get a tank and attach it to your bike, it will be safe and you won’t need to carry extra weight as well. 

10. Airbox Wash Cover

An airbox cover will save your time and also prevent the airbox from being dirty. An airbox can become muddy easily if you are riding on dusty or wet roads. This air box is connected to the engine directly and cleaning it will take more time. You have to clean it with the proper procedure so that the engine will be free from damage. 

To clean those mud, you have to take off the subframes and clean each of them separately, later let them dry before putting them back. It will take a lot of time and also be painful, but you won’t have to clean the whole part with a washable cover. Seal the air intake with a wash cover and prevent power wash and damage. 

11. Hour Meter

You can’t calculate the hours you have spent riding, but you can guess with the help of an hour meter how much life is left for the brake pad or how close you will need oil. If you keep running your bike without knowing the remaining life can damage both the brakes and the engine. An hour meter will help show the remaining life of other parts as well if you use it with a tachometer. 

An hour meter is also good for racing purposes, it will show how many hours you can complete a distance, you would improve with regular practice. You can’t ride your dirt bike continuously, an hour meter will alert you that you have crossed the limit, and this will prevent further damage. 

12. Pressure Gauge 

If you have an air pump and you know the pressure levels as per your path either rocky or sandy. But, how do you know the perfect tire pressure, it couldn’t be possible manually. A pressure gauge is a tool specifically made for bikes to keep the pressure level. There are a few brands that will give you a pressure gauge along with air pumps, if not, then buy them to use them together for better results. 

If you are riding on a sandy road, lower the pressure with the help of a pressure gauge and for a rocky path, higher the pressure by following the same procedure. Many riders recommend using gauges made for the cars as they will give you accurate results and they are heavy-duty. 

13. Chain Wax 

To keep your chain running smooth, you need to lubricate it regularly. We all know oil or any lubrication is a good way to prevent rust or corrosion. These chain wax will cut down the friction and keep the chains from rusting. 

Buy a quality-based chain lube that will work perfectly and also repel dirt or water stuck with the chain. And pick that one which you won’t need to use in a larger amount, a small amount of lube will be sufficient to get your desired result. You can ask mechanics as they have more ideas to maintain the bikes. 

14. Exhaust Plug 

Any vehicle gets dirty and so happens with a dirt bike too. We use water while cleaning the bike and there are higher chances of rust as some of the parts are made up of materials which are prone to corrosion. Many times water gets inside the engine and damages it, using exhaust plugs to prohibit this from happening. This exhaust pipe will keep the water and dust from entering the engine through the exhaust port and also prevent exhaust port damage. 

There are different exhaust plugs available for two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes. Whenever you start cleaning or riding, insert the plug into the exhaust port and remove it carefully when it will dry completely. You can also use plastic or rubber gloves to prevent corrosion but that’s not so effective, go with an adequate exhaust plug. 

15. Tool Kit 

However you will get a tool kit along with your new branded bike, but that’s not all. A good tool kit contains specific items such as extra spark plugs, tire fixing tools, nut bolts, pivot levers, etc. You can make your tool kit as well with those necessary things which could be used while riding far from your hometown. But, don’t make it heavier to make your ride worse. 

Keep only tools that are essential and which you usually use regularly while riding on trails or tracks. There is one more idea to reduce the extra burden of buying a backpack that has an extra section for toolkits, you won’t have to carry more bags with such backpacks. 


I guess you have noted down all those valuable things. I have discussed the essential dirt bike accessories you should have to avert any malfunctioning and enjoy your ride. To know more related to dirt bikes, do subscribe to our newsletter.