Best dirt bikes for 10 years old kids in 2022

There are two types of bikes which you can buy, either gas-powered or electric. Dirt bikes for 10 years old means a lot of fun to ride on trails or motocross. You can choose among Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Oset, Kuberg, KTM or Huqvarana, whatever will be suitable for your child, purchase them. But remember, keep a few points in mind else you may be fooled while dealing with a kid’s dirt bike. 

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Hello buddy, as you have ridden your bike so many times and now it’s your kid’s turn to have fun with dirt bikes. Keeping this beautiful thought in our mind, we have mentioned below a list of the best dirt bikes for 10 years old kids. In this article, we have also written about the parameters which you should look for as the best choice. 

Top 8 dirt bikes for 10 years old kids

Talking about the best bike for kids should be serious. Your small mistake could be dangerous for them. What kind of dirt bike they could handle, how much is their height and what is your budget? Keeping these things in mind, we have selected exciting and children-friendly dirt bikes. 

1. Yamaha TT-R110E 

This is perfect for those who are ready to shift from those small 50cc dirt bikes to older aged bikes. A kid who has experience of riding low powered bikes earlier can have a lot of fun with this. The unique thing is its look that is compatible with racing dirt bikes. Also, provides long-distance travel with ease and safety. 

For first time riders, this could be better as it has no clutch to adjust gears. The high performance with off-road pattern wheels works well on uneven terrain and off-road ridings. 


  1. With a 4 stroke engine, it’s smooth, strong and reliable. 
  2. Its front and rear suspensions are designed as such to handle smooth riding and are easy to use. 
  3. This bike comes with drum brakes for easy handling on rough roads. 
  4. Wheels have large spokes for off-road riding and better grip on the road. 
  5. It has accessible gears and a convenient seat height for kids. 


  • Engine- 110cc air-cooled, 4-stroke 
  • Stroke & Bore – 54cm×5.1cm 
  • Compression Ratio – 9.3:1 
  • Valve Train – SOHC, 2 valve
  • Ignition – CDI 
  • Front Tire – 2.50-14-4PR 
  • Rear Tire – 3.00-12-4PR 
  • Front Suspension – 31mm telescope fork with 4.5 inches travel 
  • Rear Suspension – monocross shock with 4.3 inches travel 
  • Wheelbase – 42.5 inches
  • Trail – 2.4 inches 
  • Seat Height – 26.4 inches 
  • Ground Clearance – 7.1 inches 
  • Fuel Capacity – 1 gallon 
  • Weight – 159 pounds 
  • Front Brake – 95mm Drum 
  • Rear Brake – 110mm Drum 

2. Honda CRF110F:- 

A bike from Honda is always on the top trending dirt bikes. This model CRF110F might look small, but don’t judge it by its tiny look. Its internal features can beat all other bikes, it is loaded with high power that can help you to win the race. Your kid will like riding on it with its air-cooled, single-cylinder features. 

Your kid can adjust its transmission whenever they are required to do so. To make it more comfortable for children, a fuel injection system is attached with it for easy start and less pollution. Let’s see its other features as well. Although it wouldn’t be fun for those who like to do gear shifting and all over it will be best for the new learners. 


  1. It comes with both kinds of starters, easy electric start, you just need to press the button and go. And the second one is Kickstarter, for the cases when the electric starter won’t work.
  2. Swingarms are rugged and made up of steel to handle the bumps on the road by preventing jerking. 
  3. An extra feature is an automatic clutch to reduce the stress for the rider, they don’t have to use a lever. Shifting the gears can only happen using feet. 
  4. As a parent, you should limit the speed of the bike, and on this dirt bike, you will get the same. An adjustable throttle limiter will work for the same purpose. 
  5. And the most important is no one can ride a bike without permission, this comes with keyed ignition. 


  • Engine- 109cc air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke 
  • Stroke & Bore – 55.6mm × 50.0mm 
  • Compression Ratio – 9.0:1 
  • Valve Train – SOHC, two-valve 
  • Ignition – Full Transistorized 
  • Induction – Fuel-injection, 19mm throttle bore 
  • Front Tire – 70/100- 14 
  • Rear Tire – 80/100- 12 
  • Front Suspension – 31.0mm telescopic fork with 3.9 inches of travel 
  • Rear Suspension – Single-shock with 3.8 inches of travel 
  • Wheelbase – 41.9 inches 
  • Trail – 53mm 
  • Seat Height – 25.9 inches 
  • Ground Clearance – 6.7 inches 
  • Fuel Capacity – 1.0 gallon 
  • Weight – 170 pounds 
  • Front Brake – Drum 
  • Rear Brake – Drum 

3. Kawasaki KLX110

This model was launched one year ago and it’s a compatible dirt bike for kids. As a beginner, to understand the basic things about dirt bikes, this Kawasaki would be the best option. But, it’s also good for the adults riding behind the house. Its engine won’t die easily due to heavyweight, and the power peak is enough for your children. 

Its weight is light enough to flick around the track easily. And the drum brake is good to stop the bike immediately. You can adjust the seat height as per your height or convenience. All over a good dirt bike choice for track and also a combo pack of power. 


  1. KLX110 is available in two versions for different kinds of riders either automatic or manual. 
  2. A solid build quality that lasts longer with advanced technologies. 
  3. A SOHC engine pumps out enough responsive low-rpm torque. 
  4. It comes with a centrifugal clutch that enables entire gear shifts. 
  5. A lightweight bike with an electric start. 


  • Engine- 112cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder 
  • Stroke & Bore – 50.6mm×53mm 
  • Compression Ratio – 9.5:1 
  • Valve Train – BS6 2 valve 
  • Ignition – Digital DC-CDI 
  • Induction – SOHC 2 valves 
  • Front Tire – 2.50-14(4PR) 
  • Rear Tire – 3.00-12(4PR) 
  • Front Suspension – 30mm telescopic fork /110mm 
  • Rear Suspension – Single shock/110mm 
  • Wheelbase – 1075mm 
  • Trail – 50mm
  • Seat Height – 680mm 
  • Ground Clearance – 215mm 
  • Fuel Capacity – 3.8 litre 
  • Weight – 76 Kg 
  • Front Brake – 90mm drum 
  • Rear Brake – 110mm drum 

4. KTM 65SX 

This 65cc dirt bike is a little bit better than the 50cc dirt bikes. Comes with the power of 16HP and a 6-speed manual transmission. This Australian company adds WP XAct front and rear suspensions with disc brakes in both. This bike is made up of a lightweight frame of steel alloy. 

It has larger counterparts to make it superior and ready to go for a race bike. KTM is always stylish and attractive among kids to adults. This bike is for those who have little experience. 


  1. The 65SX is powered by liquid cooling to enhance its performance even in winter. 
  2. It doesn’t have an electric start, you need to be strong to start a bike using Kickstarter
  3. Safety measures are included as per children safety with an optional engine immobilizer. 
  4. Both brakes are disc brakes to control the speed quickly even in crowded areas. 
  5. This 65 SX model benefits with an easy to shift 6-speed transmission with a hydraulic clutch. 


  • Engine- 65cc Single cylinder 2-stroke 
  • Stroke & Bore – 40.8mm×45mm 
  • Compression Ratio – 9.1:1 
  • Valve Train – TC65 VHM 
  • Ignition – Digital ignition 
  • Induction – SOHC 2 valves
  • Front Tire – 60/100 R14 
  • Rear Tire – 80/100 R12 
  • Front Suspension – XACT 35 WP Upside-Down fork, 35mm 
  • Rear Suspension – XACT WP mono-shock 
  • Wheelbase – 1137mm 
  • Trail – 51mm 
  • Seat Height – 750mm 
  • Ground Clearance – 280mm
  • Fuel Capacity – 3.5 litre 
  • Weight – 53 Kg 
  • Front Brake – 198mm Disc 
  • Rear Brake – 160mm Disc 

5. Cobra CX65 

The Cobra bike is a mini one and equipped with a 2 stroke engine that produces the maximum power. And its chassis makes it a road holding and riding friendly bike. Twin-spar oval HSLA frames make it strong. Stopping power is amazing with a single disc and floating disk brakes. It’s a lightweight and adjustable seat height bike that’s comfortable for kids. Maintenance is too easy, repairable parts are available in the market. 

The founder of Cobra made the first minibike in 1994 and this company is still working to enhance its features and improve its design. 


  1. This is the only dirt bike in the 65 range with a direct-acting, electronic power valve.
  2. With adjustable transmission, your kid will better learn to shift it manually. 
  3. Cobra CX65 has designed the MTX “Smart leg” front fork, this technology provides soft-action over bumps. 
  4. Cobra CX65’s wheels are made to sustain terrifying and its steel spokes are durable. 
  5. The front brake can be adjusted either outward or closer to handlebars as per comfortable position. 


  • Engine- 65cc, single-cylinder, 2-stroke 
  • Stroke & Bore – 41.7mm×44.5mm 
  • Compression Ratio – 10.0:1 
  • Valve Train – Mikuni VM 
  • Ignition – Moto Coil 
  • Induction – Case Reed V-force 
  • Front Tire – Dunlop 60/100-14 
  • Rear Tire – Dunlop 80/100-12 
  • Front Suspension – CARD Smart -Leg 37mm USD, fully adjustable 
  • Rear Suspension – CARD fully adjustable high and lower
  • Wheelbase – 1140mm 
  • Trail – 50mm 
  • Seat Height – 762mm 
  • Ground Clearance – 250mm 
  • Fuel Capacity – 4.20 litre
  • Weight – 56 kg 
  • Front Brake – 250mm Single disc, floating disk hydraulic 
  • Rear Brake – 165mm Single disc, floating disk, hydraulic


We have discussed above about dirt bikes for 10 years old kids with their advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you are going to select, make sure that will be suitable for your kids. Buying a dirt bike is not an easy task and it is also costly.

How’s today’s article, you can tell us in the comment box. We will meet again with a new topic related to dirt bikes. 

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