Can I Build A Motocross Track On My Land & How much it costs?

If you have enough land and a little bit far from the residential area, you can build a motocross track on your land until it bothers your neighbors. Being closer to the residential area noise of the bike can irritate and bother your neighbors. It is only possible to build on your backyard when your neighbors also love to ride.

You might not always be lucky to get a chance for a ride on a motocross track. Sometimes there is no room left, or you may not be eligible according to their rules & regulations.

If you have an acre of land and enough funds to get a desirable track, you can go ahead.

Today we are dealing with a more frequently asked query asked by the riders, “Can I build a motocross track on my land” and also get a delineation about the charges & rules for making a motocross. 

Can you build a dirt bike track in your backyard?

To get the answer to this heading, whether you are eligible or not? You need to know about your location and what local laws state about motocross tracks. Do nearby administrative offices allow you to build it on your land or not? We may help you with the following necessary points given below. 

  • What kind of land you have? Does it support a track or maybe injuries to the ride, keep these questions and verify by yourself.
  • Your neighbor’s support means a lot, and if they love to ride, then it’s like icing on the cake. But, if they are getting disturbed by noise, you can’t build a track. 
  • Ask the authorized offices whether you need a permit to construct a track or you can make it without any permission.
  • Are you strong or powerful enough to restrict the riders who use the track illegally? It is an essential part, as you may lose track. 
  • Does your area have all compulsory facilities such as water, shades for rest, etc.? If so, then riders like your motocross track the most. 

These were the first most essential issues to know before planning for a track. 

How much does it cost to build a motocross track on your land?

Every project has this question: how much does it cost?

Of course, without funding, you can’t construct even a boundary. And here you are, planning to create a dream motocross track.

As groceries vary from place to place, in a similar way making charges varies too. How much dirt your land needed, what kind of equipment laborers ask you, and how much time will be needed to finalize the track?

As an average, most of the owners calculate about $10,000 for building charge. But, this can be lower or higher depending on how long you require laborers to work on your land.

Also, if your land were filled with trees or rocks, it would take a more extended period. Also, if you buy a plot to build a track, it may cost more than others. 

How much do motocross track owners make?

Owning a motocross track is profitable if you didn’t invest much amount. Let’s understand the profit of a track; if you have your land & enough funding to construct the same, this will be very beneficial.

But, if you have taken a loan, you will have to pay monthly EMI, and that’s not gainful. Being a motocross track owner, you can earn $20-$30 from each rider per hour.

It’s also variable location by location and number of riders. If 100+ riders are using your track to ride their dirt bike, this business will be a great deal; you can calculate the total amount paid by the bike lovers per day.

I can suggest a few methods to earn more from the track.

  • You can charge riders for the pass making charges per year or month. 
  • Besides the entry pass, charge them per hour ride cost. 
  • If you can’t manage a motocross track, rent it to others and get a monthly fare. 
  • The most earning tip is from organizing a race. Ticket cost, participants entry cost, etc. (it will be possible only if your track is too large.) 

So, take your final decision about making a dirt bike track. Is it profitable, or will you be at a loss? 

How much land do you need for a motocross track & which dirt is good? 

You will build a track, and when this comes, everyone thinks about a large open area, where more than a hundred people can ride their bike at once.

Generally, making a motocross track needs a minimum of 3 to 5-acre plot for a spacious look.

A standard track should be 400 feet in length and have at least six-track lanes of 20 fit width. If this much land is left in your yard or you own such property, you can build it.

But, don’t compromise with the area’s quality; if it’s full of trees, rocks, or too much mud that can be dangerous for the riders, avoid these kinds of lands.

And if you are thinking about the different races on your plot, you need approx 500 acres to 1500 acres to gain more profit. 

In addition, I like to tell you, when you get the sufficient area. Fill it with suitable dirt, such as loamy soil, sand, chalky soil, peat soil, clay soil, or silty soil.

Use this dirt to provide a better experience to the riders, and you know for your own or the other riders, this is a matter of how much you enjoy. 

Do you need planning permission for a motocross track?

Of course, you need planning permission to build a track. You must have heard the neighbor complain about the late-night party because of high music.

If identical people surround you, be aware of what steps they could take against you for constructing a motocross track.

Even before digging or filling the land with dirt, ask the nearby commission. It is not so easy; as mentioned, you need to go through a lengthy procedure. 

  • Write an application for no restriction over the building of track on your land. 
  • Planning members consider the application correctly once they inspect the location. 
  • Suppose they are satisfied with all parameters, like- neighbor’s peace, environment-friendly or traffic issues. Then it might be possible to get permission. 
  • After inquiring about the area, they check your background, legal documents, and whether the same plot belongs to you or not. If these all will be fine, you will be permitted. 
  • Wait, this is not the end; they will fix the riding hours and number of riders. Or they can limit the days per week you will be allowed to open your track. 

With such permissions and prohibitions, you are free to create your motocross track on your land. 

Safety standards while making a motocross track:-

Starting a new project without keeping safety measures is entirely foolish. As you know how much you need to maintain your dirt bike, you can understand what will happen in making a track.

If you have no idea about the plot that will support your dream, you can consult with the construction experts.

Although, I’m mentioning a few in the following points to help you. 

  • Ask the Utility Companies

It’s best to take advice from the utility companies before starting the project. They inspect the buried utility lines and fix them before digging; this could be a good deal and save further accidents. 

  • Fix the Drainage Issues

If the location you have pointed for the track is nearby drainage, use pipes to avoid soil erosion. As you know, building a track requires costly dirt, and you don’t like to wash it off. So, instead of hiding it under the dirt, fix it to reduce the problems ahead. 

  • Track Design

Don’t try to be so bright by making a complicated design for the track. It is more enjoyable if made simple; riders can cover long distances with fewer hurdles. 

The three most important safety standards are descriptive to avert any loss. 

Motocross Track Regulations

According to the track day and general rules, many rules should be followed by the motocross track owners & riders. Let’s have a look. Else you might be in trouble.

  • Be aware that the locked system, stolen or lost, would not be the owner’s responsibility.
  • No refilling center within the track area; this could catch fire and damage the whole place. 
  • If going for a race, use a helmet and body camera but at your own risk. 
  • Enter and exit from the marked sign, don’t try to escape from elsewhere.
  • Medical staff should be present at the side of the track while it’s racing. 
  • Rough riding is not allowed, and be friendly with the other riders, and else you will be thrown out. 
  • Your pet or Child below 16 are not allowed to enter the track area. 
  • Drinking alcohol and drugs will put you in the most significant trouble, even if they can ban you forever. 
  • Riders are advised to wear complete safety equipment, like helmets, hand gloves, elbows, and knees guard for any significant injury. 

More rules and regulations can be there according to your regions. I have given all the first most laws to be followed while taking a ride on your dirt bike using a motocross track. 

Note:- If you still didn’t get our points and concept behind building a track. You can consult with your nearby administrative staff or contact someone who already owns a motocross track legally. 


If you have enough property to have your track for dirt bikes, you are lucky.

Searching for can build a motocross track on my land is easy but getting a correct answer is a little bit tough. Here we have described a descriptive article based on your need. 

Making a track has its advantages and disadvantages, you will be the owner of a track whereas you need a considerable plot & fund to build it. I hope you have understood the article; please share it with your friends and subscribe to our newsletter for updates.