Girls Dirt Bike riding

Girls are nowhere underestimated and in dirt bike riding lots of women Riders too. So if you think that dirt Bike riding is something only made for men then it is not true.

I got shocked when I watched YouTube video where a girl was riding a heavy bike on a single rear wheel obviously she was doing that bike wheelie. If you don’t know what is a Dirt Bike wheelie then how to do a wheelie can give you a clear picture of this.

Since that video, my view on girls power completely changed and now I can say you that girls are as good as men in dirt bike riding.

Are Girls comfortable with bike riding?

The answer is yes we see around many girls riding two-wheelers and four-wheelers on the road and when you visit a dirt bike riding School then you will see there are many girls are also learning how to ride a dirt bike.

Dirt bike riding is fun and it is very popular as a sport. But safety e is something which is needed for everyone equally. This must be taken care of while riding a dirt bike.

There is no doubt girls enjoy dirt bike riding. They are also capable of doing many stunts like Dirt Bike wheelie, dirt bike jump and they can even perform dirt bike whip also.

Visit any website or any social platforms there you can find a section of Dirt Bike girls. I will suggest you visit Pinterest and search there dirt Bike girls then you will find a lot of pictures of girls bike riders.

Girls dirt bike

Bike manufacturers provide different models for dirt bike riders according to the ages and height. So obviously many bikes are specially made for girls only. According to the girl’s height, these are made.

I always suggest my readers who are interested to know what are the gears we should always use, safety gears the most important. Helmets, boots, glass, chest protectors, should never be miss.

Even direct tracing should be according to the rider that gives you comfort while riding on the track.

Selecting a dirt bike for women is really a tough task to do. Women’s approach is lighter than men and they need bikes that they can easily handle. obviously the should be kids dirt bikes.

Women’s best bike is hard to find but beginner women need more comfort while learning it. So it becomes a double challenge for beginners female.

Female readers also ask what are the best Dirt Bike for girls so I am going to share my favourite bikes which are the best for girls.

  • Yamaha TTR-230
  • Yamaha WR250F
  • Kawasaki KLX140G
  • Kawasaki KLX110 (For short height women)
  • Honda CRF230F
  • Yamaha WR250R

Girls Dirt Bike riders

Women’s dirt bike riding has come a long way since the first female motocross race dirt bike riding was organised in the U.S. WMX championship and X Games are most popular among female riders.

Many female riders are popular in dirt bike racing so I am sharing a few famous names.

  1. Tarah Gieger

  1. Vicki Golden
  2. Ashley Fiolek
  3. Mercedes Gonzales
  4. Jessica Patterson

Dirt Bike Wallpapers

We have made a collection of girls dirt bike riders and I hope you will appreciate this.

girls dirt bike

girls dirt bike

girls dirt bike

girls dirt bike riding

girls dirt bike riding

girls dirt bike riding


In this post, we talked about dirt bike female riders. We have also shared the best dirt bikes for girls and best female a rider around the world. I hope you like this post and share this with your friends.