How fast does a 450cc dirt bike go & how to increase its speed?

Do you really wanna know the top speed of your dirt bike? Let me tell you these can reach up to 87 miles per hour. But, it can be reduced with some aspects, such as weight, engine stroke, bike’s brand or model and your skill or experiences. Besides these more the cc means higher the speed, I can say it will run at a faster rate as compared to the 250cc dirt bikes. 

Although you can’t get that much speed with a 450cc bike which you desire. However, you can enhance it with modifications. In this article, you will see those tips and steps. If you know how to tackle acceleration, speed, and complete control over the performance, you will reach your dreamt speed. 

The average speed depends on a few factors with which you can get the fastest speed of any dirt bike. Here, you will see how fast it can go and what are those aspects which affect the performance

Factors that affect the speed of a 450cc dirt bike? 

As you know a 450cc dirt bike isn’t made for high speed, these are good for off-road riding. You can see how you will get its top speed with some changes and how these aspects affect the performance of your dirt bike.

1. Engine Stroke:-

The most basic point is your engine stroke, whether it’s a 2 stroke or 4 stroke dirt bike. A 2 stroke dirt bike is lighter than a 4 stroke and you can enjoy riding with such dirt bikes. Let’s see which one will be best for fast riding. 

  • 2 Stroke Engine 

Operating a 2 stroke dirt bike is quite easy, with just two steps you can start it. And also less parts are attached to these kinds of bikes which make them lighter. However, it could consume more fuel but also produce more power. The maintenance cost will be cheaper as it has fewer parts. It’s exactly like a bicycle, pick and go with two strokes. 

  • 4 Stroke Engine 

These four-stroke dirt bikes are considered for the beginners, as it’s easy to handle. Maintenance charges may be high but need once a long while. A 4 stroke bike contains more parts which make it heavier and if the rider falls off, picking it up will be tough with a heavyweight. You can enjoy riding on trails or racing tracks. 

Between these two kinds of strokes, it is better to go for a bike with a 2 stroke engine. As always the minimum stroke means pick the speed higher. 

2. Bike Brand:- 

You have heard it earlier as well, the more you invest, the better the product. If you have bought a dirt bike of minimum cost, it won’t give you higher speed, whereas a top brand will make it possible.

This would be one of the aspects that affect your bike’s performance. Before investing in a dirt bike, search for it and never go for the cheaper one. It sounds good, but with time you will regret it. 

3. Track Or Road Condition:- 

You can’t ride your bike at the same speed on every track. Suppose you are in a desert location and using the same tires riding at the same speed, I’m sure your bike will be stuck somewhere. On the other hand, on an ice road, you will have to ride at a constant speed, a single mistake and the next moment the bike will slip along with the rider. 

One more kind of place where awareness will be necessary. Riding on a mountain or hilly areas, you can’t imagine where you need to turn and when you will get muddy. For a safe journey, you will require knobby tires. And in three tracks, you won’t get a higher speed. 

4. Weight Of The Bike:-

You need not to stress about the weight of the bike, although it affects the speed, but that’s not always true. People judge a bike’s weight by numbers, more the engine cc means heavier the bike. In reality, it means the engine will produce more power and let you ride the bike at more speed. There are many riders who remove unnecessary parts from the dirt bike, it makes it look worse. Separating the parts doesn’t matter, as a 450cc dirt bike has enough power to reach its speed potential. 

5. Weight Of The Rider:- 

A lightweight rider will have more fun than a heavyweight individual. Understand this fact, a person walks faster without carrying luggage, whereas a person carrying a heavyweight on his back can’t walk properly. In the same way, heavyweight will affect the speed of any vehicle. But, besides controlling your weight, you can learn techniques with which top speed will be possible. 

6. Practice Improve Skills:-

If you have a new branded and expensive bike, but it will be useless until you know how to ride a dirt bike beyond the situation, it means every location, track, and bike brand can be handled by you. And you get that skill with hard practice. Take an example of a book of knowledge, which is a bestseller, but you don’t know how to read and learn from this, there will be no meaning in taking such beautiful books. So, stop blaming your bike’s model, it’s you who can win with your willingness and skills. 

7. Change Gear:- 

We use gears to alternate the speed or acceleration to get maximum speed or slow the bike. Let me tell you how you can get faster acceleration and higher speed using gears in the right manner. To get faster acceleration, you will use a smaller front sprocket or a larger rear sprocket and this method is pretty good for reaching your goal with a lower gearing ratio.  While getting higher speed, you will change the setup for a large front sprocket or small rear sprocket, exactly opposite to the acceleration steps. This process will make a higher gearing ratio and push you to the top-level speed. 

8. Replace Heavy Parts:-

Bike parts are tightened up with nuts and bolts, you can replace them with the lightweight and can use a light frame to reduce its overall weight. Instead of using steel frames, replace it with either aluminium or titanium which are far better plus lighter too. It will cost a lot, but to get something better, you will have to lose something. 

The second heavier part is the exhaust system, the whole part is made up of either steel or aluminium. You can also replace it with a titanium made exhaust system. I know you will be in doubt that titanium is always heavier than aluminium then why prefer it, let me clear it. The designs of both materials are not the same, which makes the titanium parts lighter. 

9. Appropriate Tank:-

Full your fuel tank is not always workable, decide for which you are going out. If for a small ride, fill it with the requirement. If you hit a  race, make sure what distance you will travel and how much fuel the bike will consume. A full tank also affects speed, as a full water bottle makes your bag heavier, this would add up some weight to your dirt bike. And it’s like a habit to bring extra gallons of fuel along with you, and also put on weight. Don’t do this, if you don’t need it. 

10. Reduce Your Body Weight:-

So, you have modified your best buddy bike, but what about you. You didn’t change even a bite, do some workout for better riding. Your bike’s weight matters to catch that desired speed which you wanted every time. 

What are the brands run at maximum speed? 

If you are going to purchase a new bike, then see the list of such dirt bikes which have been proven as the top speed bikes. 

  • KTM 450 SX-F

This can go up to 110 mph, an unexpected speed. Along with high peaks, attractive looks and high-tech body cover will win your heart. 

  • Beta 450 RS

You may didn’t have heard of this brand, but racers love it for its top speed and that’s 100 mph. And the most impressive thing about this is to accelerate the bike for top frequency. 

  • Honda CRF450R & CRF450X

These both will hit the maximum speed border of 90mph. With a few differences, you can choose any of these for speed purposes. 

  • Kawasaki KX 450F

A new version beating the previous models by enhancing its speed at 89mph. A great engine, chassis and better suspension improve performance.  

Select any of this as per your budget to meet your ambitious goal. 

Note:- Never change the parts without having a piece of proper knowledge, this could lead to somewhere worse. And if you want to replace it, contact professional mechanics. 


I hope you will get the answer through this article on: How fast does a 450cc dirt bike go? There is a lack of models of 450cc dirt bikes, so don’t be too choosy.

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