How to Put Lights on A Dirt Bike Without A Battery?

If you want to put a headlight on your dirt bike but don’t know how to do it, then in this post, I will tell you how to wire lights on dirt bike without battery?

When the darkness starts to fall after the evening, you can’t ride your dirt bike without a light. To ride on the road, whether it is off-road or on-road, you need to see everything clearly, and without having a proper light, it cannot be possible.

No one even can walk in the darkness; to walk, everyone needs a flash of proper lightning on the way to make everything visible and walk properly. Imagine if walking is not possible without light. How can it be possible to ride a dirt bike in the darkness?

All Bikes are speedy things and need excellent visibility in front of their way. To make yourself visually informed, you need to turn on the lights of your Dirt Bike when the darkness covers the track and trails. If you don’t do that, then you might be caught by a collision or a sheriff for being irresponsible for your safety issues.

Being a beginner, you might not be familiar with the dirt bike you own. But I am sure that you do not love to be behind bars. It is not possible to use the lights by using the battery system or any other charging system in a dirt bike because it is not having anyone of this. In this case, you will be using a magnet to produce current and flow into the light for lighting it up.

I will guide the whole process in detail and in straightforward language with the tools required to find out the best results. If you are aware of using the light on your dirt bike, you might have bought all the things but cannot mount your lights on the bike. So here we are. To mount the lights, you need an informative and most accessible guide to do it properly. But if you have not bought anything until now, this article will help you complete this process on your own.

You may be surprised, but I would like to tell you that you don’t have to be an electrical geek for doing this. After going through this guide, you can easily use the tools to complete all the processes in a smooth way and with no difficulty.

Method of Putting Headlight on A Dirt Bike Without A Battery?

If you don’t want to be stuck in this process, then make sure you have all the necessary tools available with you. What is the starting process of mounting the lights you need to carry all the things at the workplace? You have to Mount your dirt bike at the raised surface. Make sure that your Dirt Bikes engine is completely turned off.

You should adequately straighten the light on the bike to avoid any lousy scenario or condition. However, the bike is in any condition or position; it should be fixed appropriately, not to move even a single centimetre.

While riding the bike in the darkness and using lights, it can cause a severe injury if any movement happens. You can always enjoy your ride on the bike when you are safe.

Safety should be the first concern in any area.

Proper mounting of the lights and fixing them with great strength is one of the essential concerned. For this, we need some tools, which we are discussing below.

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Tools Required to Mount Your Lights

Insulated Plastic Covered Wire

For mounting, a light on the dirt bike is needed to be connected with a power source. The power source location can be different from the light mounted on the bike.

So it needs to be connected using a wire. You will have to use an insulated plastic layered wire to do the wiring with the power source.

Make sure to purchase a wire with different colours like red, yellow, blue and black colour. If you use coloured wire, then it can be easier for you to identify positive and negative.

A Pair of Pliers

When we use a cable or wire, we need to remove its insulation part to be connected with poles. It can be a copper wire or any wire covered by a plastic chair to make it insulated.

Ordinary people use their teeth to remove the plastic layer of the wire at the end to connect with another wire or a device. But I would like to suggest not to use your teeth because your teeth are not made for this.

A pair of pliers is there to complete your task of removing the plastic layer.


For mounting lights on the bike, you need some fitment tools, and it needs to be tightened to the bike. For tightening purposes, we usually use bolts.

While mounting lights on the bike, you need to fix it with good strength; for making it strengthened, you need nuts and bolts.

Even a small Bolt with a suitable material combination can be used for Tightening very hard.

Double Handler Switch

You cannot keep our lights continuously turned on; you need to turn it off also. You need a handlebar switch to perform this task. It is called a double handlebar switch because you can add one more light if there is a need.

It can be used to switch from one light to another light according to the circumstances. The biggest advantage of this handlebar switch is that it provides you with the facility to add one more light.

It can be fixed on any side of the handle according to your choice; that is why it is named the handlebar.

And due to this, you have two switches, and it is named a double handlebar switch. The rider can easily reach the switch and turn it off or on according to his choice any time he wants.


The bike’s magneto is the main power source that produces an alternating current which is also referred to as AC. for using this; you need to convert alternating current into 12-volt direct current.

Here comes the rectifier, which is an electronic device that converts alternating current into direct current. After the conversion to direct current, it can be easily used for lightening up the dirt bike light.


When you have all the kit and tools available for mounting your light on your bike’s front space, then you may be stuck due to the unavailability of proper space for fitting your lights. Then one tool that will surely help you that is the driller.

You can drill anywhere to make a hole according to your Bolt and nuts size then and you can place your lights and make it strengthen using the Bolt.

You have to be sure to get the proper size of bolts and hole diameter.


You may have heard about spanner. It is a very important tool for any kind of work. For the fitment of the light, you need to un-mount the seat and cylinder of the gas. After un-mounting the gas cylinder, you will be able to do the wiring between the light and the power source.

Spanner will be used for unmounting before opening and tightening the nuts and bolts after mounting the lights.

Bullet Connectors

Bullet connectors are also named banana plugs which provides you with solid and quick electrical connections. Bullet connectors are made of two parts a bullet-shaped male and socket shaped female.

These are basically used for Automotive wiring to make simple connections that are connected together easily and Hold Tight.

LED Lights

This post is basically based on putting the light on your dirt bike. So having good quality LED light is the most important for getting a good intensity of light, and that is why this process is based on.

All the tools you will be using here only for the purpose of putting lights on the dirt bike. You have to install your light in the way we have described here and now install them in height to get optimum performance.

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Process of Mounting the Lights on the Dirt Bike

Now we will guide you on how to mount your light on the bike; till now, we have discussed the tools which you will use to perform the task of fixing the light.

Step 1: Remove the Seat and Gas Tanks

If you want to complete the wiring from the power source magneto to light, it is necessary to remove the seat and gas tank. After removing, only you can access the path to the magneto for implementing the wiring inside it and connect it with the magneto.

Now you need a spanner to remove the bolts. I had already told you that you need to have all the sizes of spanners so that you can get the exact size of it to use with the same size as Bolt. Spanner will not be corresponding to the Bolt size then you have to arrange it.

Before while gathering all the tools, first, you need to check out your Bolt size.

If the Bolt size is larger, then you have to use the large spanner and if the size will be smaller, than you have to use a smaller size of the spanner.

The seat is tightened with the Bolt, so you need to unscrew this Bolt and remove it. After that, you can and take the seat out and reach the tank now. One by one, you have to remove both of these things carefully and keep them at a particular place. After doing the wiring, you can again put it as it was.

Step 2: To Mount Your Light on the Dirt Bike

First of all, you have to spot the best place to fix your lights. You have to be sure that it is in the best position from where the light can fall on your path properly. Now you have to fix it with the bolts you have arranged.

Step 3: Fix the Double Handlebar Switch

The next task is to Mount the double switch on the handlebars. It is your decision. You have to decide whether you have to fix it on your left on the right side of the handlebar.

After placing it, the second thing you have to do is mounting the regulator or rectifier at the bottom of the gas and fix it using the bolts. Then again, place the gas tank at its original place.

Step 4: Put the Lights Without A Battery

On the magneto, there will be two wires coming out with yellow colour. Now you have to connect both wires with a regulator or rectifier.

Now you see behind the rectifier there will be e a connector block which will be attached to it so behind this you have to make a connection between two wires and there will be one wire of black colour and red colour?

Now join the negative current to the negative side of the light and the positive to the input of the switch, and then from the output of the switch, you have to connect with one side of the light.

As we have already mentioned about bullet connectors in the tools, Connect it with incoming wire to the light with a bullet connector. The double handlebar switch has three wires attached, and all of them have their own purpose. There are three different colours black, blue and brown.

Connect black and blue wire to the wire which is coming from the regulator and the brown one you have to connect with the light. Now finally, you have attached Bullet connectors before going to the light, so you are almost done.

Step 5: Install Everything Like Before and Check Out Everything

Now mount the seat to its own place. Get your spanner and use the fasteners to tight it again properly. Now you have to remove dirt Bike from the stand and bring it down from the raised place.

Once you have to check out whether the lights are working or not, finally, you are ready to go through the streets where the darkness is falling continuously and whatever it is, you are ready to go through it.

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FAQ – Frequently asked question

Can you add lights to a dirt bike?

As we know that most of the dirt bikes come without a headlight. To make street legal you need to add lights to your bike. The answer is yes you can add lights to a dirt bike.

Can you start a dirt bike without a battery?

You need battery to start a car but most of the dirt bike run without batteries. Dirt bikes having electric parts such as self start, headlights, brake lights, electronic fuel injectors needs battery to function this.

Which is better kick start or electric start?

According to the purpose of reliability kick start is more trusted than electric start. Kickstart dirt bike lighter in weight because there is no need of using battery for riding in the tracks. Lightweigh dirt bike become fast due to low weight and now it is easier ride.

Can you kick start a bike with a dead battery?

Not only kickstart but there are some tested and guaranteed method of starting the engine when battery is dead and electric start is not working that are pop starting, bump starting, or push starting.

What is the life of bike battery?

There is not confirmed but almost it has a life of between 1-10 years that depends on many things.

Is Kick Start necessary?

New technology has been developed and bikes are equipped with these but there are many occasion when battery is not able to start the bike the kickstart is like boon.

Can a bike run without battery?

Yes there are many bikes that run without battery. An alternator or magneto connected to the engine that transfer power to the light, horn, spark plug, ignition coil.


If you have read from the beginning, then already got a clear vision of the process of fixing LED light on your dirt bike. And now you are foolproof of any accidental disaster after the ride in the evening or night.

This process doesn’t require a person who is a professional expert in electrical engineering, and you can do it with your own hand using this article how to wire lights on dirt bike without battery.

Now it is not going to trouble you anymore because you have found an ultimate solution to it. I hope and have full of expectation that this guide has demonstrated valuable and has responded to the questions and dispersed the questions that you had about the way toward putting a light on your bike without a battery.

NowI tried to elaborate on this process in a simple and easy language. If you really like this, then keep visiting. Happy riding and Have Fun.