How To Whip a Dirt Bike For Beginners

Bikes lovers are everywhere globally, but dirt bike lovers are less and whoever likes an adventure in his life only chooses to ride a dirt bike. 

If someone is familiar with the word whip, then he understands the joy of this. On the first attempt, it can be challenging to whip a dirt bike, but having the right tip can give the complete detail about how to whip a dirt bike.

Before going to whip your bike, you first need to make sure that you know how to ride a dirt bike properly. Then it would be best if you went for understanding the guide for this action.

If you wish to buy a used dirt bike, then a checklist for a used dirt bike will show you the exact point before buying.

But I am sure if you are going through this article, you have cleared stage 1 of learning the dirt bike basic riding steps, and you are now a good rider.

So, without wasting your precious time, let’s now learn it and first know about the whip.

What is a Whip?

The very first question here arise is that what is a whip?

And yes, it is necessary to know Mathematics before starting to solve mathematics problems. “Whip” can be a new word for many people like us because not everyone comes in the category of people who loves riding.

A whip is just a combination of taking off with the correct amount of lean and using body positioning. 

It is an action in which the rider jumps his bike and turns the back end of it to the front for a small fraction of a second, brings the cycle to the horizontal position. He then takes the back end of the back to its original function as it was before landing on the track. 

Here we shall give you the whole process of whipping the dirt in three easy steps. One by one, read it correctly until you completely understand it.

Safety is the most important when it comes to whipping a bike. Doing anything wrong can injure you badly.

Dirt bike whipping may be fun but requires a balanced body and complete body control to the bike.

Pro riders can do it multiple times in a row when riding on the track. And balancing the body and bike in the air not show their control on riding.

How to Whip a Dirt Bike For Beginners?

As stated above, We shall discuss the process of whipping dirt or bike in these easy steps that will guide you doing this, and very soon, you will be able to do it like a pro if you are a beginner.

  1. Approach to the jump Body Position of Rider
  2. Driving to the Face of The Jump
  3. Bike Control and Landing

Approach to the Jump

When it comes to starting the whipping, the first and the initial thing you have to care about is a perfect jump. But for beginners, I would like to recommend that you go for long jumps. It is good to start with long jumps.

When a Pro Rider does it perfectly, it looks easy for everyone but believes me, and it is not that easy to do it like a pro. But you have to make sure you have to jump up high enough; otherwise, you can hurt yourself.

Here, the solution is to find a good height of mounting on the track to jump very quickly.

While whipping when the body and the bike are on the air, then there should be enough period to bring the bike back into the front and again at its initial position.

Here whipping means after the jump, you have to do your tricks and get back to your initial position for riding.

So you need to do enough jump in which all the tricks can be performed flawlessly e and without scrapping your bike and body.

When a beginner looks like a Pro Rider doing the whip, it seems very easy, but we all understand why it looks so easy because they are doing it for a long time, and now they are masters in doing any trick perfectly.

control dirt bike in the air

There are two types of jumps that you can be thinking of doing. Still, I would like to clear it that when you go for a high jump, then you get enough time to perform your trick and get back to the ground, but when it comes to jumping further, in this you don’t get enough time in the air, and the trick will not be perfect.

Now you have to find a good height mount that gives you enough height when you whip, and you don’t need to make more effort to jump because that height will help you reach enough. And make sure the mount should not be of an extra size so that you stay in the air for a long time.

Finally, everything depends on you only because you are the best person to judge about your height of the jump and according to your technical skill you have to decide about it.

Body Position of Rider

A beginner should keep his body in a neutral position when going to learn whip. You don’t need to be a supercharge to get the power.

You don’t need to lean your body to get the heavy power because when you jump your body with the bike, you get enough energy to perform the trick.

Just be neutral, get in ready, and take off. Just move steadily towards the track. Neutral body position with knees and hips should be at approximately 90° angle.

Maintain your neutral positioning as you begin to ride up the face. Listen to a smooth throttle on approach and through jump face.

How to keep the Face of The Jump

In this section, there is not only one step. There are many little steps that we will discuss here. You have to come up at the jump with a slight angle when you are whipping it.

And here, you have to figure out in what way you want to whip. And then you start to carve up the face.

  • Lean right to whip Left
  • Lean left to whip right

So if you come up to the bow in the right, I mean leaning right then, your bike will come left. It is going to kind of curve left and turns back request.

It is what makes it sincere.

So when you come off the face and then you’ll bring the bike straight and down to the landing. If you see a guy who knows how to whip, you will find the angle of his whip is usually going off the track.

Usually, when he has to jump straight, he rides on the straight track, but he makes a curve in a degree and then starts his jump while whipping.

It’s about how you leave off the face of the jump is how the bike whip.

You got to give heavier power down to the bottom of the face of the bike. And then you take your upper body, and you leave your head and shoulders.

Then as you get off the face of the jump after the tip of the jump, the bike leaves kind of underneath you.

And the central part of the engine will bring it back if appropriately done going off the face.

We suggest starting with a small jump. We recommend not to try to whip upside down the first few times.

Important points to be noted:

  • The rear suspension compressors into the bottom of the jump face
  • Slightly lean body to the side Halfway up the jump face
  • Don’t force to whip; you have to allow it to Naturally float out
How To Whip a Dirt Bike

How to control the bike in the air and land with safety

It is one of the most critical points while going to learn the whip. The biggest thing I can tell you is you have to relax. The bike will do its work.

If you step enough up in the air, the bike moves minimum up, coming back underneath you stop.

Think about it when you come up, you lean off the face, you heavy throughout the front and off the top, and you are counting. You look the bike float out underneath you. You got a whole bike underneath you. You don’t try to force it.

You don’t see the backside of the bike.

It is the fluent movement that far looks so cool and fine to watch. Then you land with good tight knees. When you land on the track, everything will be perfect.

Most essential tips when the bike is in the air:

  • It would be best if you kept your knees tight so that to maintain control in the air.
  • Keep your foot on or close to the foot-peg to make your landing easier and faster.
how to land safety

Additional Tips – How to Whip the Dirt Bike


For doing anything, whatever it is, you need strong determination. It is the key to successful and of course, in dirt bike whipping, you have to be strongly determined that you have to do it.

Learning from the base and reach up to the top level is the best step to do anything perfectly. If you initially drive fear inside your mind, then definitely your body will not respond.

The fear inside your mind will always decrease your body activities, and it will tell you that you cannot do it, so you have to beat it. And think that if someone can do it, you also can do it.

Every human being is capable of doing anything if he wishes. Whenever you doubt yourself, then it is sure you are going to fail in anything. Whether it is physical or mental, you always have to strengthen your mind, and you should firmly believe that you can do it.

Take time to learn

It is always an essential factor because somebody has too much eagerness to do anything quickly. Without learning the steps correctly and following the guide, you can adequately do nothing.

When it comes to a physical trick, it is most important to take care of the safety of the body also. Everything needs a proper time according to the person and his learning skills.

Time to learn can be different from person to person. If someone is learning a trick in two days, then the other person doesn’t also need to take the same time.

It may happen that if someone is very good at physical activity along with if he has a strong determination, then he will be able to learn and perform the trick quickly, in the second condition if someone has a firm resolution but not having the physical will power then he will take more time to do it.

Avoid learning to whip in extremely rutted surfaces.

It would be best if you avoided extremely rutted faces when learning how to whip. Smooth faces are ideal for learning to be safe and gain confidence.

It is sure that taking off you might face some problem, but it will scrap you and your bike when you land.

When the face is exceptionally rutted, it does not have enough friction for your tire, and it is not perfectly able to grip to the surface, which can deceive your landing.

avoid extremely rutted surface

Go for higher jumps

When you track to perform a whip on a dirt bike, it is indispensable to note that you have to try for higher jumps and no longer jumps.

It would be best if you got some time when you are in height and lean your body in a specific direction, whether it is right or left, then again get back to the initial position.

A longer jump cannot give you a particular height to perform the trick as it is very near the surface, so you will not be able to land with doing all the tricks.

Make sure your bike’s condition is good.

When you do a dirt bike jump for a certain height, then while landing, it can be e dangerous if it is not in good condition. If you perform a whip in a lousy condition bike, it can lead you to a great disaster.

If you try to jump your bike, you may not be able to do this trick as it will not move according to your body Positioning. Select the bike which is completely capable of doing the trick.

I will strongly recommend you go to the track with an excellent condition bike if you learn how to do this activity with a dirt bike.

You get your bike to the service center and repair everything if it is required. And make sure everything fits entirely to jump in the air.


Every beginner is in a hurry to learn anything when it comes to dirt bike riding, then the same thing also happens. Many beginners want an easy process to know how to whip a dirt bike, so here we are.

We have prepared a complete guide for you to give all the steps effortlessly to understand how to do this trick.

When you jump to the land, what should be done in that position, you can do it here clearly. While whipping, it is also necessary to keep your body and bike safe.

We hope we have done best from your side. If you like this post, please subscribe to the newsletter.