Why Do I need Insurance on My Dirt Bike?

When buying a bike or a car, the question comes to mind that does we need insurance or not? and today we are talking about dirt bike insurance.

Regardless of the situation, an accident can happen anytime, so keep this thing in mind. And at that time, we really needed insurance to take care of everything that happened.

So let’s check out what are the benefits of dirt bike insurance.

When Dirt Bike Insurance Is Needed?

In many states, a dirt bike should be registered. And in some states, such as North Carolina, a dirt bike is considered a utility vehicle that does not need to be registered.

If you have a dirt bike that is designed to run on off-road and highway, then that bike will be treated as a dirt bike, and it should be registered. All the necessary documents should be complete with insurance.

Off-road vehicles can be dangerous. A dirt bike and its rider have to suffer damage more than a dirt bike. While insurance is not necessary on a non-registered bike. But it would be sensible if you have some coverage to reduce the damage of the accident.

Insurance will cover everything if the bike is stolen. Many people think homeowners or renters insurance covers a dirt bike when it is taken from a garage, or the bike is destroyed in a fire.

But this is not possible, even if the bike is stolen or damaged, these policies do not cover them. For this, you have to take a separate policy of dirt bike.

Types of Coverages

Dirt bike insurance is also similar to auto insurance. In this also you get the same coverages but with slightly lower limits. It is quite affordable to take a liability policy, which is only useful in bodily injury and property damage.

Keep this in mind that liability coverage helps the third party whenever an accident happens to you. It does not cover if you have any injuries or any damage to the bike. There are optional benefits that offer coverage for these accidents.

Property Damage

This coverage is also a part of liability coverage. During the accident, it will pay all the payments that have been done to the property of the other rider. That too only till policy’s limit.

By the way, no property damage will be done while riding off-road, but you can be responsible for it if that land, private road, or crop belongs to someone else whom you are spoiling.

Bodily Injury

This coverage pays medical bills to another rider who has had an accident. But to the extent, as stated in the policy. Bodily injury is also part of liability coverage like auto policy.

Collision and Comprehensive

The collision will cover you when you hit an object or rough terrain, and your bike is damaged. Comprehensive covers perils such as theft and fire.

Keep in mind that your homeowner’s policy cannot help you in this, even if your bike is stolen from the garage or damaged by fire.


If you add any aftermarket accessories to your bike, then there will be no benefit in the standard policy. So get it added in your policy so that you do not have to bear them separately.

Medical Payments

Medical payment is an optional coverage that pays medical bills for you and the passenger. And keep in mind that your health insurance policy does not pay any medical bill for dangerous activities. So it is highly recommended to take benefit of this.


This is special insurance for those who use their dirt bikes for racing purposes. Although it is not mandatory, there are no minimum liability limits that are in a standard dirt bike policy.

If you ever file a claim in a standard policy after a racing incident, your policy will refuse to make that claim.

Uninsured Motorist

It is crucial to have this type of insurance because nowadays, many riders are roaming without insurance. This is optional, but if the inexperienced rider has an accident with you, then you may have to suffer a lot financially. Because the other motorist will not have any insurance.


Today you get to know whether to get insurance for dirt bike or not. If you should take it, then how do you benefit from it? By the way, if you believe us, then insurance is essential. You never know when you met with an accident. So do not regret later, secure yourself with the coverage of dirt bike.

If you have any doubt in your mind or want to ask anything related to dirt bike insurance, then you can ask us through the comment section.