How to Make a two-stroke Dirt Bike Faster?

Nobody will ever get shocked if you are a rider and want to speed up your Dirt Bike. Then in this post, you will learn how to make a two-stroke dirt bike fast?

Every Rider has a dream to get the ultimate speed on his bike.

So I am sure you want to get any cheap arrangement or even be free if you would like to apply it to your vehicle. So here I am going to share some tips that can make your Dirt Bike faster, enhancing performance.

You will understand that how you can too how to make a Dirt Bike faster using sprockets and turn it into a more powerful dirt bike if it is a two-stroke engine.

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Method to make a two-stroke dirt bike faster?

You would be very interested in gearing up your bike’s tools and making it more powerful to get a higher speed. It is possible and actual, and by applying some mods, you can get your desired speed.

Vortex Front Sprocket

We want to start with a ninja star because nothing is faster than a ninja. So what this is, is a front sprocket.

If you want to make a massive difference in how your dirt bike runs for the least amount of time and money, then change your gearing.

Do you remember your High School physics lesson?

If you enlarge the radius of the rear sprocket, you have more leverage. So it takes less Force for the wheel to go round. The downside is that the chain has to travel further to make the tire do a complete Revolution, the same effect by decreasing the size of the front sprocket.

So here’s what happens in the real world going down one tooth in the front, which is the same as going up three teeth in the rear, equals more acceleration and a slower top speed going up one tooth in the front or going down three teeth in the rear equals less acceleration, but faster top speed.

The question is should you make the changes to your front sprocket for the rear one. There benefits to both. I mean, changing your rear sprocket allows for more Precision since every single tooth on the rear has a less overall effect—a single tooth on the front.

On the other hand, this is nice to change the sprocket because if you go up or down a single tooth and experience a big difference in your bike handles just from that one adjustment; you probably won’t have to buy different chain lengths.

Because the axle adjustment on the rearview dirt bike can make up for the distance of a single tooth, some people say that you should always buy a new change when you change your sprocket anyway because the two are married and therefore must grow old together.

The dangers that you’re sprockets would wear away a little bit quicker if you made it with a chain that’s already been around the block a few times.

That’s not such a big deal because your sprocket is going to wear away quicker. So when do you replace the chain or not? Because dropping a tooth on the front makes the change to a tighter turn that always creates more friction, Engineers a BMW got it right the first time.


Manufacturers have restrictions by purposely giving their bikes low, and that way, the dirt bike doesn’t have to hit high RPMs to achieve high speeds and is therefore quieter.

Some manufacturers like Ducati specifically designed their dirt bikes to go down a tooth from the factory setting.

Dyno jet Power Commander V

Now sprockets are anyway to give your bike more acceleration or more top speed.

Still, you can’t have it both ways because you’re not making any power to shifting it around, plus swapping sprockets often throws off your odometer and speedometer, which is annoying.

Instead, it let’s take a more pure Mist pursuit of performance, more gasoline, bigger explosions.

What you’re looking at here is a combustion sandwich. It’s the way our dirt bikes like to eat. We have air intake or exhaust and then a few controllers in the middle.

No dirt bike is complete without all three components, and if you try to improve just one of them, a bike develops an eating disorder running either too lean or too rich.

Now that I milk my sandwich metaphor. Let’s look at each component.


Motorcyclists always install aftermarket exhaust first; that way, the hot babes will know where to find them, but they’re also weight-saving benefits, especially if you install one of the complete systems that forget to include pets kiwi things like catalytic converters. You can save a lot of weight.

The actual game, though, is airflow, even with a bit of slip-on like this. My dirt bike will be able to pump harder than Puff Daddy. That’s all well and good.

But if I can’t breathe at the same rate, my exhaust blows it out of a cheap, precisely nothing.

Air filter

So get yourself a high-flow air filter. If possible, get the best washable filter in the world. Then, you only ever have to buy one. Now, my bike is gulping air like an Olympic swimmer.

But all that’s going to do is make my engine run lean, and less I can get more fuel in there too. That’s where the middle of my combustion sandwich comes in. Your bike is carbureted, and you need the jacket.

Dynojet Jet Kit

The Dynojet kit makes the best one. Why? They often come with three different options: a bike with a high-flow air filter and a high-flow exhaust. It’s usually the stage 2 jet that you want.

Leave prepared to try one of the other ones if your bike runs lean it rich.

On the other hand, for fuel-injected bikes, and you’re going to need a fuel controller. That’s more intelligent people than I have said that Dynojet Power commander of the best.

And so that’s what I’ve chosen. Now you’re going to have to download a fuel map onto this for your bike to run.

There are lots of options online. But of course, any halfway can throw anyone’s hand in destroying that pun line.

So what I always do as I look at the manufacturer of the fuel controller Power Commander or to the manufacturer of my exhaust two brothers to see if they have a map online that matches my particular bike and my particular exhaust must be that specific.

And one good hack is to look online and see if you can find a map for your bike in a particular exhaust before buying that exhaust.

And that way, you’re going to make your purchase knowing that you already have a relevant fuel map in hand.

Otherwise, it’s off to the did not get a custom map day, but technicians charge by the hour is coming to pay upwards of five hundred bucks for a good tune.

Lighter wheels

Now for our other mod, how can we get quicker handling? Lighter wheels and they’re always going to be faster to turn in if you’ve ever seen a gyroscope, you know that is spinning wheel resist any change to its axis forces related to angular momentum, which itself is connected to mass hair go lighter wheel is always easier to turn in.

7The other benefit is his grip wheel hits a bump in the road. It’s going to jump upwards with less harm than a heavy wheel would answer.

So my suspension has an easier time pushing that light wheel back into contact with the pavement giving me more grip; entire books have been written on the concept of un-sprung mass. But the gist of it is a lighter wheel, quicker suspension reactions better handling.

The only downside is that lighter wheels are apparent in the middle are thinner and weaker. It’s not such a big deal at the track.

But if you spearhead a pothole more likely to get bent out of shape. Also, the genuine featherweight Alloy and carbon fibers inherently expensive.

Galfer Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch Line

Forced Performance mod steel braided cables better pads, but hold on for breaking fast, counts as a mod for going more quickly.

Yes, watch mode it be the answer is yes. I got my stainless steel lines from Galva because they’ve been stopping sportbike since World War II.

The teff online steel will not expand if all the pressure we put into all the stress. So I put into my leave or go straight into pushing my pads, resulting in a stronger, more direct breaking.

EBC Double-H Sintered Brake Pads

I feel speaking of pads EBC Double H sintered ones because they feel very similar to I like super sportbikes. That’s what I’m used to fifty bucks for a pair of big ventilation channels to prevent overheating their Stellar going to State on you.

You’ll probably want to go up to something like to eat PFA, which is CBC’s most race-worthy pad that you can still legally run on the street. From there, you go up again to a track-only paid like the GPF ax.

Metzeler Racetec RR K1 Supersoft Tires

Finally, the V mod is a set of high-performance tires. It is a Metzeler race tec RR easily the fastest Choice from a 2017 sport tires video and mainly shines between here and here and because their carcasses so rigid, it gives you a roof with surgical Precision when you’re lining up that next turn and then when you hit it at the very limit as far as monumentally stable more so than super courses Q3 is RS tens, significantly more so than the older interacts.

If you dare to get over to the limit, a proper Super Sport tire is the most effective performance mod on this list, and yet their even better mods out there that money. You can’t buy this piece of meat that can be improved more than anything else on your bike.

Please read it, Twist of the wrist, learn to properly tune your suspension books Amtrak time with better Rider than yourself, and stay in good shape.

And once had a 300 lb man explained to me that his fancy clutch lever shaft 30 grams. Think about that. So we’ve now seen five mods that make your dirt bike faster.


These five modes mentioned above can beat everyone if you have used them, and of course, the performance of your dirt bike will improve like magic.

Explained details with technical preference tell you the exact process of how they work and what the principles are working inside them.

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