Symptoms of bad Piston Rings of 2 stroke Engine

Piston ring plays a very important role in the smooth functioning of engines of any dirt bike. Biker should keep an eye on the condition of piston rings to ensure their proper functioning. In this post we are going to share you about the symptoms of bad Piston rings of 2 stroke bike. You should go through the full article for saving your money.

Each and every machine is subject to break simultaneously piston rings can also be broken due to some reasons. Want to know the difference between 2 stroke and four stroke then you should read this article first where we have explained 2 Stroke Engine Vs 4 Stroke Engine in detail.

Piston rings are very important in the combustion process. It damage can be prevented by keeping the bike in a prime condition throughout the life.

Why piston rings are important?

Just like human needs food to survive, engines of dirt bike need piston to operate. These are made up of iron and steel. It is also called as split rings.

These are applied on the liner, and it maintains a consistent layer of oil on the cylinder wall.

Sprint rings also used for reducing excessive heat inner part of it. It transfers the heat from the piston crown to the cylinder. For better understanding of a dirt you must know how does a dirt bike work?

Types of piston rings

Each and every type of dirt bike has two types of piston rings. In the engine many of us don’t know about this. There are mainly two types of it as follows:

Compression rings and oil control rings

The primary function of compression ring is to scale the combustion gases. Compression rings helps in transferring the heat from the piston to the piston walls.

Compression rings are located on the first groups to the piston. It ensure to maximum power output that which can be obtained by your engine. A piston is incomplete without a compression ring. It helps in lubricating the oil around the cylinder walls.

Control rings performs the function of controlling the oil from leaking to other parts of the dirt bikes. Oil control rings control all the gases and lubricants where they are needed.

Western ring is incomplete without the oil control rings. These are very important for the proper functioning of each part of your dirt bike.

How piston rings can be prevented from damage

Here we have explained you about some tips to prevent the piston rings from damage. Read the full article for keeping your bike on the track. These can “blew” or “blow–by” so, now you are wondering that what is a blow–by?

Meaning of Blow–By :-

As I have mentioned above that the function of this is to maintain compression between the piston and the cylinder wall. It seal the cylinder in the combustion system.

By–blow is an unwanted leakage of gas under high pressure. There are two main causes of by–blow. A by–blow can happen when the engine gets old and the cylinder walls worn out due to constant working of the piston ring or piston scrapping.

It’s scrapping will encourage the cylinder base to become huge in size. This huge cylinder base will create a gap behind the piston and the cylinder. When the this hit the top of the it and thus harmful gases enter the crank case.

The another way in which blow–by will happen when the gases passing through the piston creates the gap itself. A proper gap should be there between the rings so that a piston rings functions like a “spring” proper gap maintain sealed.

Compression, a constant scrapping can reduce this sealed compression.

Tips of preventing bad piston rings are as follows

You should adopt this for better riding.

  1. Engine Coolant
  2. Antifreeze
  3. Spark Plugs

Let me explain these three points briefly to you.

1. Engine Coolant

Does your engine have enough cooling? You should check the radiator cap by opening it. Check this when the engine is in cool condition. Keep an eye on the quantity of water in coolant Reservoir in your dirt bike.

2. Anti freeze

A dirt bike can keep the temperature of the engine down by maintaining the right level of antifreeze in your dirt bike. You can protect your engine by doing this.

3. Spark Plugs

Do you remember ? When you have to change the spark plugs of your dirt bike. You are advised to remove the dirty, damaged and worn out spark plugs.

Piston can be damaged by high combustion temperature due to the Piston rings. A very high temperature can also damage the electrodes.

Symptoms of bad Piston Rings

Piston rings can be worn out due to continuous scrapping. This problem can be very dangerous for any dirt bike   rider. You can hire a mechanic for any issue. But you should also know some techniques to fix the issue by your own.

But there are some symptoms of bad Piston rings. Bad Piston rings shown some signs of which we are going to explain:-

A. When grey or white colored smoke comes out from the exhaust

Smoke coming out from your dirt bike exhaust is a obvious sign of something wrong. When we see smoke coming out from the exhaust is not a good sign in your dirt bike .

When the piston rings becomes old or damaged then the oil from the engine will start leaking into the combustion chamber, this leaking of oil will start burning and producing and thick grey and white smoke from the engine of your dirt bike.

This leaking of smoke is not good for your engine. The color of the smoke is the indicator of your dirt bike   health. Generally two types of smoke can be generated.

First is black and the second is blue colored smoke. Black colored smoke is related with the problem of fuel. Blue colored smoke is related with something bad oil levels in the combustion chamber. There can also be a white colored smoke. It can be either related to bad injectors, or bad values or bad rings of the engine of a dirt bike.

B. Increase amount of oil combustion

Do you have filled your petrol tank more than required in your dirt bike? And your bike is guzzling through oil at a high speed. Increased amount of oil into the combustion chamber can be due to bad rings. It can be caused oil leaking from the combustion chamber. This is why the bikes engine will have less oil to run.

C. Difficulty in the acceleration process

Are you facing a problem of acceleration in your dirt bike. When your rings are damage the power of engine will be decreases. You are advised to call out the mechanic without taking a minute.

If you decide to run the dirt bike with low acceleration power the number of your worries will be less. Sometimes if the cases are worst then your bike will not move. Or your bike might lose all the power of your engine. If you do not fix the problem quickly then it will get worse.

Is buying a new piston ring is costly?

Buying a new piston ring to replace the old one can be somehow costly. You will pay for the fees of mechanics. Many times people charge high for repairing.

Replacing of an old one is a bit complicated and tough task. This process requires complete dismantling of the bike, the cylinders are reconditioned and after this they are again reassembled after the process.

If you want to change the old Piston rings of your dirt bike  then you need to know it properly because any mistake can charge very high to you.

Some people think that they can reuse the old one but here we do not recommend you to use that one.

We always advise you to go for a new one because most cases you will be unable to find any defect there but if you are serious that your old one is good in condition then check each section carefully.

Very large majority of dirt bike riders take their bike to a garage for its servicing.

Some other signs that your pistons is giving you for its replacement:–

If your bike lacks in power, bad piston rings will reduce the capacity of engine to produce power. Less power results in less compression and less compression means struggle in accelerating. When you need to use the throttle for a long time then it will take large time for you to start the engine.

Also when the rings are in a very bad condition then it will decrease the performance of a dirt bike. You need to act quickly when noticing the symptoms of it.


You need to maintain each and every part of a dirt bike  regularly. I hope you have read this article completely.

It will surely solve your problem as I have mentioned each and every question related to piston rings like why the these are important, types of piston rings along with it I have also explained how these can be prevented from damage.

It is important to understand symptoms of bad piston rings so that you can buy a new one when it is needed to be replaced. And of course you would buy it cheap or costly everything. I hope you love this post. Happy riding.

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