What are the best places to buy used dirt bikes in 2022

Searching for a dirt bike is easy, even if you type dirt bike on Google, you will get shopping options there as well. But, what are the best places to buy used dirt bikes can be a little bit tough. You can check on the Facebook marketplace, eBay motors, cycle traders or can ask the dealers who have better ideas to buy used dirt bikes. Besides these places, you can even search locally where someone wants to sell his bike. 

It is suggested for beginners to purchase a used bike, there are a great number of benefits to getting such bikes. Many users shared their experience of how good the decision was.

You need not break your account and ask for a loan from your acquaintance to have a bike.

In today’s article, we will provide you with all the details from the place to buy used dirt bikes to what things you need to be aware of before buying bikes. 

Which one is the best: Used or new dirt bike?

For beginners, a used dirt bike is the best option. Let me explain how it is good, suppose you buy a new brand bike without searching a lot about the same and buying a dirt bike is not like purchasing a toy, it costs too high.

And after learning how to ride a bike, the same bike will be old fashioned or you or your kid will want a new bike that matches your strength.

Are you able to arrange for the new one? You can unless you are a millionaire or billionaire, but for the common people that’s not possible.

So, in such cases taking a bike just for learning, go for the used dirt bikes. 

List of the best places to buy used dirt bike?

Perhaps, you will get too many suggestions from your friends that this place is good to deal with bikes or that person is selling his bikes, etc.

Where I can get a good used bike easily and have a pretty deal without making it so dramatic.

  • Find Used Dirt Bikes Online:

Many of you don’t believe in online purchasing when it comes to expensive investment.

But, trust me there are a few sites who take money from you only when you get your desired bike.

You can check on cycle traders especially for the best bikes deals and multiple choices are available on it. 

The next place is eBay motors, select the good one and hit the buy button now.

When they reach your place with the bike, you can ask the nearby mechanic to test it whether it’s in good condition or if you need to exchange it.

Till the mechanic prepares his result, your money will be safe, it won’t go to the seller.

This is the plus point about eBay, until or unless you will be satisfied with your product, they won’t cut your investment.  

The most preferable according to this social media generation, Facebook marketplace. The positive point here is that there are no spammers who can cheat you.

A safe place and a great collection of used dirt bikes that you can’t get on any other sites. What kind of bike you want, make its list and set alert notification.

Whenever they will find the matched dirt bike, you will be notified. You can set model type, brand names, price or location to get a quick result. 

The last one as per my knowledge is craigslist, the place to enquiry about the used dirt bike. You can search here using filters, like price, brands or location.

Once you have selected the bike, save it and turn on the notification in case the bike will not be available recently.

It is similar to the facebook marketplace, but you will have more filter options to find the exact match. 

  • Buy Used Dirt Bike From Dealership:

You can buy a used dirt bike through a dealership. Buying from such ways, they will take care of your bike in case something goes wrong.

But, you need to pay more as compared to local people, like they add on extra taxes and provide you with all the legal bike’s documents.

Most people prefer this as this one is more helpful for mechanical purposes, although it will be like you are purchasing a new bike from motor vehicle showrooms. 

  • Check For Used Dirt Bike Locally:

One of the easiest ways to buy dirt bikes is from local residents or nearby centres where bikes are on sale.

You will have enough time to inspect such bikes before buying them, compare the condition, check bike registration papers and see if it is good or you may get better than that.

If you think that it might be a waste, then ask the local mechanic who can help you in identifying the correct one. It also depends on where you are living and how you deal with them, don’t be in a rush while dealing with such big investments. 

What You Need To Do When Buying A Used Dirt Bike?

The first and the last key point to check before buying a dirt bike is to have patience.

Sometimes we get so excited with just one look at a bike online, but that’s not always the right thing to get attracted to within a few minutes.

How you will get the right bike with which you won’t regret having that dirt bike. 

  • Get information: If this is your first time buying a used dirt bike, check what a good bike should have, and if you don’t have any basic information, call your friend or mechanic who can better help you as a guide. 
  • Have patience: Suppose during searching for a used dirt bike, you see a bike with better features and affordability. It doesn’t mean diving to buy the bike, wait for the next day, maybe you will get a better bike. But, if even the next day, the same bike is still your priority, then only go ahead. 
  • Deep research: Even if you got the bike you were thinking of, check whether the selling site or the seller will be responsible if you get the default one. Inspect by yourself do you want that bike or doesn’t match your expectations. 
  • Check bike’s parts: Make a checklist of parts that need to be checked before the final decision. Let me help you in this process, see air filters, oil leaks, radiator, clutch & brake lever, sprockets, frame and muffler. Is there any damage or all good? 
  • Note the VIN: Every dirt bike contains a 17 characters long VIN which refers to the unique ID for dirt bikes. Note it down and verify the bike belongs to the seller, no stolen or case registered against the same bike. This VIN will help you to find those questions before paying for a used two-wheeler. 
  • Ask for the documents: Anything that charges you high to buy, you should have legal documents for such things. Maybe in case you want to resale, these papers will be the important part. 
  • Ready with case: A dirt bike is costly, you can’t withdraw that much amount on the same day. So after finalising which one you will buy, ready with the same amount before taking the keys to the bike. 

If you wanna be a smart buyer, always ready for information so that no one can make you a fool.

In this time, where crime is increasing day by day, you must be a brilliant person to avoid unnecessary suffering. 

Save money with a great deal:- 

How can you deal with a bike that is good for you and also save money? There are numerous ways to buy a used dirt bike as a smart consumer.

I have listed a few key points for a better purchase. 

  • Don’t buy on a loan: I can consider the loan if it will be a new bike. But for a used dirt bike, don’t be an idiot to finalize the dirt bike on loan. Every month, the bike’s rate starts decreasing and paying more for such crap is not good. 
  • Quality over fame: You might have heard, a watch of 10$ and a watch of 1000$ shows at the same time. The difference is what, a brand name. Exactly, in the same way, buy that bike which fulfils your requirement, not just to show off. 
  • Cost comparison: Many times it happens. You choose something and buy it quickly, Then move to the next shop and find the same thing at a low rate. Usually, the first place that comes to mind is a store, but try from retailers as well, they give some discounts and you get a good deal. 

With these small but important steps, you can buy a used dirt bike from the best place under your budget and also get the desired bike. 

Note:- Buying a used dirt bike from the best places becomes easier along with being dangerous too. Be aware before going for a deal, maybe the person selling you his bike will ditch you.

Before going for the final proceeding, cross verify the documents and it’s better to buy from authentic places but to save money go for local ones. 

Bottom Line

Seeing you on our site again is a happy moment for us. How was today’s article, what are the best places to buy used dirt bikes?

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