What is A Semi Automatic Dirt Bike?

You must be knowing that dirt bike are nowdays coming with with lots of special features but here we have researched about semi automatic dirt bikes. According to our research:

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A semi-automatic dirt bike is a bike that has functionality between fully automatic and manual dirt bikes. In semi-automatic bikes, for shifting the gears, you don’t require a clutch. A rider can change the gear with his foot by pressing the gear shifter.

Automation can be found everywhere. It can be in manufacturing and in transportation too. In this post, we will share what a semi-automatic dirt bike is? And you’ll also understand how does a semi-automatic Dirt Bike work? What are the features that come along with this? Everything will be revealed here, so if you wish to gain some extra information in any corner of your mind, then read this post thoroughly.

Semi automation itself gives its definition that implies it is a process that is performed by the combination of man and machine together.

Here the word itself describes that it is not the same as automatic bikes. A Semi-automatic dirt bike works similarly to a scooter or moped.

In this system, you can use gears without the implementation of the clutch. Right, you don’t need to use the clutch for engagement and disengagement of the bags.

A rider can shift the gear by his foot using the gear shifter. There is no need to follow the conventional method. It is not entirely automatic, so it is called semi-automatic.

The gear shifting system comes in variety, and it can differ from brand to brand and model to model. In a few bikes, you need to push down through the gear, and in some models, you have to click up the pedal using your toes.

As of now, you are familiar with semi-automatic bikes, so I think you should be familiar with fully automatic dirt bikes too. Let’s now discuss it also.

As I have already discussed many topics in our earlier posts, we have explained different kind of issues and their solutions like dirt bike smoking, leaking of oil, and few riders face the problem of dirt bike bogging out.

What is an Automatic Dirt Bike?

Automatic means automation in which a machine can work itself. It does not require any person every time. It just needs initiation, and it will complete its work by itself.

Hence an automatic dirt bike is like an automatic machine with an automated gearbox system, and it transmits the power from it to run. To ensure that we can define a dirt bike like a dirt bike that does not require shifting of gears using the conventional system or manual switching like a clutch system.

In an automatic dirt bike, one term is always used that and go because when a rider is riding, he does not need to change gear by using a clutch system.

He can twist the throttle, and the motion of the bike increases. There is always a manual gear system that needs to be shifted after the disengagement by using a clutch.

So we can say here that an automatic dirt bike is an automatic dirt bike designed to run on the road or terrain. That is consists of long-travel suspension. Does it also have off-road tires and other distinct features for best riding and across the unsealed landscape?

How Does A Semi-Automatic Work?

It is always claimed that a semi-automatic bike does not have a clutch, which is not hundred percent accurate because, in a semi-automatic dirt bike, there is a pair of grips at work. Still, a rider does not need to interfere with its working.

The first clutch is a centrifugal clutch that has a responsibility to keep everything running smoothly, and the second one is engaged by yourself as you shift gears.

These two clutches work together and ensure that gear shifting should be the proper way and avoid damaging the engine.

There is always a clutch inside a semi-automatic dirt bike, but a rider never knows about this because he does not have to be active.

Going through the internet and diving into it can provide you with any information regarding semi-automatic bikes. So we also decided to provide you with information about how to do semi-automatic dirt bikes work.

Being a rider, you may have some doubts about the use of a semi-automatic dirt bike. You have experience with riding the standard and conventional system of bikes.

How to ride a Semi-Automatic Dirt Bike?

Getting started

As far as the concern about driving a dirt bike, it is effortless to ride it. If you wish to start it with a kick, or then you have to shift the gear into neutral. What happens if you do not change gear into neutral will move forward if engaged with gear.

If your bike has an electrical starting system, then you can start it without disengaging the gear. It is possible to start it on any gear. It will not move until you twist the throttle.

When you wish to shift the gear, you have to change its gear by pressing the pedal or gear shifter lever. You will get the click, and the gear will change. Now what you have to do is increase the throttle. Twisting the throttle will provide you the speed of that selected gear.

Shifting gears

Usually, starting the engine of the bike in neutral is always considered. And then move to the first gear and so on. It is considered the best method for a beginner to start with first gear and then second and all other gears.

If you are at the initial stage of riding a dirt bike, then the Dirt Bike riding guide for beginners can make it out for you.

A-Pro Rider can start the engine at any gear, and he can easily select an adjustable gear according to the speed of the bike. High gears at low speed will not make the bike move. Instead, it will stop the engine.

Lower the speed lower will be the gear. Higher will be the speed higher should be the gear. When starting the engine at any gear, you can feel an uncomfortable lurch.

Now you have got an idea about the initial stage of starting the bike and moving first with the first gear. But how to change gears when you are riding the bike at a certain speed.

Changing the gear while moving is more manageable by using a gear pedal. It depends on the shift pattern, and this will give you an option of depressing the gear pedal to click down or toss it up with your toes to go to higher gears. Searching neutral on a bike can become a mess, so how to find a neutral on a dirt bike article will guide you through this.

With the sudden change of gears, you can get an uncomfortable jerk when you change the gear. To avoid this jerk while changing the gear, you can roll off the throttle, and then change will be lurch-free.

If you want your gear shifting to be perfect, you can engage one of the clutches, slightly depressing it, and release the gear lever. The lever control can make you feel like the conventional clutch system.

Other useful things

Now let’s talk about other controls of the bike. If you wish to apply the front brake, then remember it is permanently assembled with or mounted about the throttle grip on the right-hand side of it.

You will apply the rear brake from the foot pedal, which is on the right-hand side of the bike. All conventional dirt bikes consist of the same controls over the bike.

There are some brands and electric bikes, for example, that have a rear brake mounted on the left-hand side of the handlebar just like a bicycle. That can be a new thing to the people who have always been a rider of a conventional one. It can take some time to make it a habit of regular riding having different controlling systems.

How do Semi-Automatic Dirt Bikes Differ From Manual bikes?

A manual dirt bike allows you to shift the gear by pull in the clutch using your left hand, and then you have to shift up or down with your left foot. That has to be done before releasing the clutch to move to the latest gear.

Releasing of clutch lever needs to be slow and steady, and the skill of this comes with experience and, regularly riding strengthens this skill.

The sudden release of the clutch Lever impacts badly on the gearbox. One more thing that is essential and common between traditional and automatic is that you need to twist down the throttle while shifting to new gear.

While in a Semi-Automatic dirt bike clutch is not required for shifting the gears. As it not fully automatic, so it is called semi-automatic.

While changing the gears, you require to twist the throttle too low and shift the gear by shifting the pedal by using your foot on the left side.

I will always recommend everyone should be masters traditional shifting or gearing systems. Whether you will ride an automatic or semi-automatic dirt bike, you need to control traditional systems. 

How fast is a semi-automatic dirt bike?

If a semi automatic dirt bike has the features of rear wheel 3-12″, front wheel size 2.5-14″,4-stroke single cylinder with air cooled system, capacity of engine 100cc can reach the speed of around 45 mph.


Lack of information about dirt bikes can be a disadvantage for a rider. Becoming a professional in any field requires enough knowledge and a good grip on its basics. So here we have provided important information regarding dirt bike automation.

In this article, we have elaborated on what is a semi-automatic dirt bike and how does it work. I also discussed the riding method and using the new features included in semi-automatic bikes.

By reading this article, you would have got what you are searching for and if you like this, then subscribe to our newsletter.

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