What to do when your dirt bike is stolen & how to prevent it

How you feel when your closest thing gets lost, and here it is, a dirt bike. dirt bikes are already costly, and if someone steals them, they will be too horrible. You can get your bike back if you follow the steps of what to do when your dirt bike is stolen & how you can prevent it.     

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I know you will be searching for the steps or things you need to do if you lost your bike. It’s common for our teenagers to forget the keys and parking the bikes in no-parking areas, and I know many of you might have lost your keys several times and also paid fine to the police department for the things that you are not supposed to do like driving fast, riding without a licence, using dirt bikes, and for parking in no-parking areas etc.

Coming to the point when your bike is stolen, I am going to tell you what to do when your dirt bike is stolen through this article. 

You might have felt very low and emotional when you came to know that your bike was stolen.

First of all, don’tdon’t panic in such situations and search for other solutions for your problem. I will acknowledge you with the things that you need to know about the precautions. 

How to prevent your dirt bike from being stolen?

Why wait to be robbed when you can resist the incident with your curious mind. See the following steps that will save your bike from thieves. 

Proper locking system

Using a proper lock system like locks fixed to the floor or locks set with an alarm, locking to immovable, strong pillars should be practised regularly.

A lot of many latest locking systems are available in online services to purchase.

Parking area

Despite any hurry in your daily life, make sure that you park your bike in a place that is continuously under CCTV surveillance, or you must park your bike at a railway station.

Even bus also stand where separate sheds are present for parking your bikes, so don’tdon’t think that it is a waste of your money indeed you may lose your bike.


There is another option; You may also park your bike at the house of your known ones like maybe your friend’s friend’s house or relative’s relative’s house.

Do not forget to tell them that you parked your bike in their garage to be cautious about it and tell them about your bike’s bike’s condition to have high chances of being stolen. It gives them to have a bull’s bull’s eye at your bike if you are their dear one.

Address security

Before going to your work, if you tell the security guard of that area or building to look at your bike, it would be like proper protection.

If you are not particular about the traffic rules and park your bike in public areas, then no one will be responsible for your bike if it was stolen.


The most important thing is to have insurance for your bike.


It would help if you locked your bike be locked in a secure place. Even when you are at home, you must lock it to a chain fixed to the ground or unbreakable locks because there may be high chances of theft during night times.

I am noting your bike details.

Just try to remember your bike’s registration number permanently, or you can note it down when you purchased your bike itself; by doing this, you can easily find your bike if the thief who stole your bike rides it without changing the number plate.


Try to use the latest technology like using GPS fixed to your bike. It will be like a boon to you whenever your bike is stolen searching for it by using your device location helps you to find out where your bike is located exactly.

With this, you don’tdon’t even need police for finding your bike.

Registration of bikes             

If you register your bike like that of BIKE INDEX, which is present in the US for finding lost bicycles, they will post your bike on social media immediately when you tell them about this theft.

They publicise about the theft and the stolen bike; thus, many people may view the post, and there are high chances of recovering your bike.

Bike Registration

Most of the bikes that are recovered by the police are enrolled in this register in the US. I suppose you are lucky and your bike is one of them then the police can certainly find it and give you back.

Personal precautions               

Make sure that your keys are always with you and in your home safely. If by chance thieves in your area are severely in need of money, they may create an artificial key by imprinting your original keys, and now it’s very easy for them to steal your bike even if it’s parked in well-secured areas also.

Avoid washing your bike in public areas on the roads in front of your house; this will be like you are allowing the thieves to look at your bike. Avoid unnecessary horning in the traffic and showing off your bike to the public, all these are the very small things that you may neglect, and it can create an atmosphere like you can offer your bike to be stolen.

What to do when your dirt bike is stolen? 

You may be irresponsible with your dirt bike, which is when thieves steal your dirt bike. With quick activities, you may get your bike back. 

Enquire in the surrounding area

The foremost thing is don’tdon’t be panic and don’tdon’t get tensed when you didn’t your bike in the area you parked. Being tensed and worried is almost a universal feeling at that moment, but being so you can can’t get your stolen bike back, in fact, it will ruin your presence of mind.

So it would help if you saw at the surroundings as sometimes few people when they find your bike is in the midway of their way to leave they may shift your bike from that position. Ask the people there if any traffic police took away your bike, and this happens if you park your bike in no parking areas.

Go for a police complaint.                       

It would help if you went to the police station allocated to that specific area, or you might call the police also and file an FIR (First Information Report) stating your name, age, phone number, the area where your dirt bike was stolen to the investigation officer who is mostly a head constable or an SI. 

Follow up

After giving a complaint to the police, you need to go to the police station and ask the officer concerned about your complaint regarding the progress of the complaint.

Go for a look in areas of your town

Undoubtedly, some of your town areas will be named for more thieves if you go and search for your bike in those areas. There are chances of getting your bike back.

Inform the local repair shops

It’s a good option if thieves who stole your bike might have sold your bike or parts of your bike to the local garage shops, and it is common to inform local repair shops priorly, then you can save your bike.

Post your situation on social media:                

If you take a picture of your bike and post it stating that you lost your bike and asking for help, anyone who saw it might help you. If you fail to get back your stolen bike by the above steps, better forget about it and buy a new bike even if it is harder for you since there’s no other option.

Are dirt bikes easy to steal?     

As most dirt bikes’ condition is low, it is very easy to steal a dirt bike unless you are very cautious about it. As its parts are easy to take away, thieves may take it away with their technics. If you begin to advertise it to sell your dirt bike, few may elope with it during the test ride.

So it would help if you were so cautious about that situation, and you have to keep the person’s belonging with you before they go for a test ride. It’s very easy to break the locks and take them into a truck without noise. Even the bike owners out of less interest towards the dirt bikes compared to the owners of new bikes may also lead to high chances of being stolen.

What do thieves do with stolen dirt bikes?           

They may probably sell all the parts like engine, bumper, headlight, silencer, tyres etc., for money.

They may also change the number of the bike and post on social media that it is ready to sell or use for their purposes.

They may use these dirt bikes for high robbery cases, and they may leave these bikes at those places so that it becomes so difficult for the police to catch them.

How can I secure my dirt bike without a lock?                        

The smartest thing is to disassemble all your bike parts before going to bed, and it’s not possible if you don’tdon’t know about that process.

Please keep it in your garage and lock the garage with a strong unbreakable lockset with an alarm and a camera.

The second thing is if you are out for some work and need to park your bike without a lock.

Keep a steel chain and lock-key along with you, find a strong pole nearby the place you have to visit, lock your bike by spinning the chain around the pole and lock it from the end. 

Note: With all the knowledge I have given through my article, I am confident that you will not lose your bike in whichever condition it is if you follow my guidelines.


At last, we reached the end of the article What to do when your dirt bike is stolen? Even if you follow all the tips I said, and you lost the bike, the possible reason may be your negligence, so please don’tdon’t neglect; you may lose your bike at the cost of it.

I hope you gained more knowledge about this, please don’tdon’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter it means more to us and I would like to say that we will always be there to guide you.

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